Air Vaporizer Or Steamer

Buy the best dry herb portable vaporizer, Airvape XS is a herbal vaporizers pens, and OM, vape pens for sale. Among the brand’s most impressive devices is the AirVape X, utilizing a unique combination of convection and conduction heating technology. It’s thin/flat design is as innovative as it is discreet, allowing those who enjoy dry herb and loose-leaf herbs to enjoy them easily on the go. It’s thin profile makes it the best fitting device for pockets without feeling bulky. The AirVape X, having a 25% larger ceramic chamber than its predecessor, maintained the use of ceramics due to the quality of the steam.

We bring you reviews, product news and facts from the magic world of vaporizing. The Legacy was set to be released as AirVape’s flagship model airvape xs go . Their motto is to go above and beyond to serve their customers even before a product is sold. They are one of the very few companies that design their products also based on feedback collected from their customers. From the very beginning, AirVape made a powerful statement by backing their product’s quality with a unique Lifetime Warranty, but that isn’t the only thing that makes this company stand out. Wirecutter’s testing and recommendations were done independently of Bud’s relationship with AirVape.

It’s a nice vaporizer overall, with simple controls, vapor that our testers enjoyed, convenient charging, decent battery life, and a sleek design that’s portable and functional. The lower price is appropriate, as the Elite is a touch below the AirVape in several ways, including vapor quality, ease of cleaning, and other design details. This was formerly a budget pick in this guide, but in long term tests, we found we consistently preferred our other picks over it.

Receive the latest from DopeBoo’s super high team of writers. They frequently forget themselves and offer massive discounts and special sales. Change C/F by holding down the power button and pressing the “”down”” button. The unit will turn off automatically after 3 minutes of use.

This tough little unit is light and simple, the typical portable you will take with you without even thinking about it. The perfect portable vaporizer for a walk in the park, a toke before the gym or any number of discreet situations or minute sessions. A team of vape enthusiasts founded AirVape USA, motivated to create affordable luxury in the dry herb vape space where high-end vaporizers are overpriced.

The taste and smell is a bit different, doesnt really leave a strong odor like smoking in the room.the tobacco doesnt make a mess either, it stays pretty clean. Nice to have at home but still want the act and feeling of smoking. My lungs do feel better after using it for a week at least part time. This seriously looks like a high quality slim and wide pen.

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