How to Predict the Future in Online Marketing

If you want to know how to predict the future in online marketing, there is good news for you. It’s not nearly as complicated as you may think and if you follow some simple steps you can learn how to predict the future in online marketing. You see, there are many people who believe that it is impossible to predict the future. This may very well be true, but how do you know? You just have to find out for yourself.

In this article I am going to show you a couple of methods that you can use to predict the future in online marketing. Some of these methods are easier than others, but all of them have at least 3 elements that they rely on. They include; targeted traffic, keyword research, and keyword optimization. Without any of these three things, you have no chance of being successful in online marketing. OK, so let’s get started. Here are a couple of predictions. Click here for more information about online psychic .

First, based on my years of experience in search engine optimization I predict that within the next five years we will see most of our competition using keywords and keyword phrases which are harder to decipher. This means using words such as “how to” or “who is” or “where to” etc. We will see people searching for these terms in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, AOL and other places.

Second, based on my research into keyword research, I predict that within the next five years we will see a huge shift towards marketplaces which are more localized. This means that instead of searching for things like “car” or “tickets”, people will be searching for things like “flights to London” or “arts in Toronto” etc. This will also change how people search for products on the web.

Third, based on my research as well as experience I predict that within the next ten years the largest markets will be the one’s that have the least competition. This means things like eBay, Amazon, StubHub, Craigslist, YouTube, Vimeo and possibly MySpace. These are the places where I see people turning first when they want to buy something or find something. If you have been doing business on the web for any length of time then you know that if you don’t find what you are looking for in one of these places the chances are that someone else will. Therefore it is vital to be at the top of your game when it comes to the future of the internet.

Fourth, based on my experience as well as research I predict that within the next five years the most popular ways to advertise will be through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will be done through things like article writing, blog posting, press releases and social media promotions. It will also be done through Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns where advertisers will pay a penny per click on their ads based on the potential of that click translating into a sale. In my opinion these are all great ways to predict the future in online marketing, but we’ll have to wait and see how all of this plays out.

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