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PayPal or PayPal Holdings, Inc. trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol, PYPL. A nasdaqpypl at, a leading technology platform company that allows digital and mobile payments on behalf of account holders, which consists of consumers and merchants located throughout the globe. Nasdaq PYPL has 267 million accounting holders that connect and transact financial services via the company’s open digital payments platforms, including PayPal, PayPal Credit, Braintree, Venmo, Xoom, and iZettle.

Why use PayPal

  • Faster than sending checks or money orders.
  • Leading fraud prevention. 
  • Financial information is kept private and secure.
  • eBay tools and Merchant Services are free to use.    

How PayPal works

  • It acts as a “middleman” for Customer and Merchant Service.
  • It uses PayPal account numbers to send money from one end to another end, which makes it private and secure.

The financial services provided by nasdaqpypl allow individuals and businesses to send and receive money in additional than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and hold balances during PayPal accounts in 25 currencies.

Access to PYPL’s platforms can be done online, via a mobile device, an app, or nose to nose (PayPal Holdings, Inc., 2019). the corporate incurs revenue by charging fees for completing payment transactions for account holders and other payment-related services, with fees varying according to the amount of volume incurred. Additionally, to payment-related fees, PYPL also generates revenue from fees assessed for foreign currency exchange on transactions for accounts held. Also, analysis of PayPal holdings is provided by pypl stock news.

PayPal advantages for buyer and seller

  • PayPal advantages for the buyer is that buyers or customers can directly pay for the online purchases made on different online merchant sites through PayPal as PayPal accounts can be directly connected to the bank accounts even if customers do not have their own credit card. Now since the seller doesn’t receive buyers’ bank account or credit card numbers, only the PayPal account number will increase the financial security as well. Also, buyers can purchase different items of different currencies easily by using one account, which makes international purchasing easier.
  • PayPal advantage for sellers is that sellers receive payments immediately through buyer since buyers pay for the merchandise immediately. Individual sellers accept credit card payments without paying the fees of credit card processors charge. PayPal offers a seller protection policy as well that covers losses for the products lost or damaged in shipment. The stock trading and investing give information about the stocks available in the market with the help of pypl stock news or Nysearca gush news at


The nasdaqpypl not only provides good services to their customers but also make it super-easy and access able with the help of applications and online accounts. For using the company’s services, it is not mandatory to create a PayPal account. Though, PayPal users can receive and send payments for web auctions on different websites, which can be beneficial for them.

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