John Legend and your Time Perfect With the His Voice

Now here is the news, John Legend will play Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena this January. His songs were written before the release of the first album “Get Lifted”, and for a long time haunted Legend. In the end, it is she who sets the mood for the new album. In the song “Coming Home”, the musician ventured to touch on a political topic. This is the story of a soldier who wants to die home before death, especially since he does not know whether he can survive. The john legend concert is there with the best time for you now.

What The Legend Says

“In this album I wanted to show the listener that I have matured,” the musician says. “I don’t want to call the previous album immature. It was just me then, and in “Once Again” people can see me today. And I tried very hard to this new image did not disappoint my loyal fans. “And it seems that with the second album, the new John Legend really was born. This is an experienced producer who, however, does not forget about his main calling – to awaken in us the most sincere and warm feelings.  

 John Legend is an American performer, composer, songwriter, music producer and actor who, at an early stage in his career, collaborated with singers such as Jay Z and Alisha Keyes.

John Legend

After a solo debut, the man won 10 Grammy awards, and also received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for the soundtrack for the film Selma and an Emmy Award for his role in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Legend has become one of the 15 people who have won the most prestigious awards in the field of show business and entered the EGOT list. And now you can have him in the john legend show.

Childhood and youth

John Roger Stevens, known as John Legend, was born December 28, 1978 in Springfield, Ohio, into a large family of Ronald Lamar Stevens and Phyllis Elaine Lloyd. John’s father worked at the International Harvester factory, his mother was a seamstress and dressmaker, fulfilling orders at home.

John Legend in his youth

In early childhood, Stevens lost both parents who died in a car accident, and fell under the care of his grandmother. From the age of 4, the boy sang in the church choir, and by the age of 7 he mastered the piano playing technique. In 1980, John entered Springfield High School, at the end of which he was offered scholarships at several universities at once.

Stevens chose the College of Higher Education in Pennsylvania, where he studied English and African American literature. In his student years, the young man was the leader of a musical group performing in the style of a cappella. His vocal abilities were noticed and invited to record the composition of Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us”.


At university, Stevens met soul singer Loreen Hill, who hired a talented young artist as a session pianist to record some of the songs on the album “Everything Is Everything”. From that moment began a musical biography of John. Now that you can grab the john legend tickets you can have the best deals.

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